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          Webinar: Shattering preconceptions – Can Cannabis be a force for good?

          Shattering preconceptions, can Cannabis be a force for good?

          Cannabis has become one of the most socially disruptive phenomena of our time. In the sector, it is the medical opportunity that has caught the attention of most investors. UK-based company GW Pharma’s trail-blazing ascent, built on their FDA approved drug, Epidiolex, has offered scientific evidence for cannabis’ medical potential. It has convinced investors that this is a market that they need to be paying closer attention to. Further drug development is now underway. Not just at GW Pharma, but at a host of other pharmaceutical cannabis companies. Companies are looking to address everything from Crohn’s disease, IBD, dyspepsia and spasticity.

          As further therapeutic properties of cannabinoids are uncovered, investors will be looking for ways to participate in the growth. At the same time, investors have the chance to invest today in getting these new formulations into the hands of people who need it the most; to be true agents of change. Cannabis-derived already exist for conditions like neuropathic pain (Cesamet), anorexia (Marinol and Syndros) and seizures (Epidiolex). But as we move forward, this market will get bigger from there. It is estimated that the global medical cannabis market could be worth as much as USD 148.35 billion (Imarc Group, 2019) by 2026. Here at Rize ETF, we believe this figure to be conservative.

          In this webinar, we unpacked the global conversation around medical cannabis. We shared our perspectives on the market’s growth drivers, and why we believe investors have the chance to invest in something that will create a positive impact. Finally, we looked at medical cannabis stocks through the growth and diversification, and discuss how such a basket can add value to an investor’s portfolio.

          Recorded on July 8th 2020.


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