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          $14.9B Global EdTech Funding 2021 – Q3 Update


          As Q4 opens, Europe has already delivered nearly 3X the funding of 2020, the United States nearly 2X while India continues an intense surge, now diversified across a cohort of market leaders. China’s capital reign has collapsed, for now.

          The 2020-2021 EdTech funding surge continued in Q3, delivering 6 new EdTech Unicorns, now totalling 32 around the world, with the latest group coming from the US, India, Southeast Asia. While 2020 and the first half of 2021 realised 53 Mega Rounds ($100M+), Q3 just delivered another 9+ with Eruditus ($650M), Unacademy ($440M), Go1 ($200M), GoGuardian ($200M), Andela ($200M), Multiverse ($130M), Class Technologies ($105M) Vedantu ($100M), and Mindtickle ($100M) all raising mega-rounds.

          The quarter also delivered another 250+ funding rounds for EdTech, with Higher Education and Workforce taking the largest chunk of transaction volume (60%) with a strong showing for those supporting the K12 segment (35%).

          $14.9B of EdTech funding in first three quarters of 2021. EU, US, India, and China

          Europe fastest growing, US surging

          While the heat has well and truly gone from the China market (for the moment), it has still raised over $2B 2021 YTD as local regulation places a firm hand on the after-school tutoring segment. India’s 2020-2021 investment surge follows a similar curve, although at a much smaller overall value and with a broader investment footprint across segments such as OPMs, Workforce Up-skilling, Tutoring & Test Prep, Education Resources and International Education.

          Q1-Q3 2021 EdTech funding. EU fastest growing, US and India surge.
          Until recently Europe has lagged EdTech investment, however the shakeup in education due to the pandemic has awakened this potential giant with Workforce being joined by plenty of K12 focused investment, particularly out of the UK, Russia and Germany during the quarter.

          The US has already almost doubled VC investment YTD from the whole of 2020, as it roars back to life with an enviable diversity of investment in terms of segments and size.

          EdTech expansion in EU and US

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