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          Video: Inside Vertical Farming – How is the Industry Growing? (with Yasai Vertical Farming)

          Inside Vertical Farming: How is the Industry Growing? (with Yasai Vertical Farming)

          In this video interview, Florian Berberich (Associate Director DACH at Rize ETF) speaks with Pierre Swaelus, Business and Research Manager at YASAI – a Swiss based company with the mission to democratize access to local, high-quality food produced sustainably with its soilless, hydroponic vertical farming service model. By growing food vertically, YASAI’s output is 200 times greater than traditional agriculture (per sqm footprint), using 95% less fresh water and zero pesticides.

          They discuss the basic differences between the existing types of indoor farming (there are way more than you think), the current state of the industry in Europe and what’s next for indoor farming and YASAI. Also in the space of thematic investing and megatrends, they discuss the range of trends the indoor farming space is touching and how this could accelerate the growth of the market in the coming years.

          Amongst the discussed topics are:

          • Difference between Indoor, Vertical, Aeroponic, Hydroponic and Aquaponic Farming and how to define vertical farming itself
          • What can be grown in vertical farms today? What might be possible in the future?
          • What megatrend has a greater impact on your industry – Urbanisation or Sustainability?
          • How is the market in Switzerland and Germany developing?
          • What’s next for YASAI?


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