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          Webinar: 2022 EdTech Mid-Year Update – Re-Balancing for the New-Normal

          Webinar: 2022 EdTech Mid-Year Update – Re-Balancing for the New-Normal

          The first half of 2022 has seen a cooling off from the EdTech heat of the last couple of years. As students return to in-person learning and stimulus funding dries up, it is unclear how much digital will ‘stick’ in day-to-day learning processes, particularly in the K12 segment. However, as predicted, we are seeing long-term investment approaches to digital learning infrastructure from governments all over the world, with categories such as learning management systems, parent-teacher communication, security & privacy tools doing well along with the tutoring segment. The workforce-jobs-skills segment remains strong as the combination of remote working, labor shortages in key areas and continued upskilling requirements fuelling investment in digital training solutions.

          Compared with the last half of 2021, 1H22 saw very little exit activity with only a handfull of education IPOs. However, there is a strong pipeline with 17 EdTech companies gaining unicorn status in 2021 and a further three so far this year who will be looking for exits over the next few years, including UK-headquarted Multiverse, a ‘professional apprenticeship’ education model, India-based K12 School platform, Leadschool, and tutoring platform, Physics Wallah.

          In this webinar, we’re joined by Patrick Brothers, Co-CEO of HolonIQ, to provide an EdTech market overview of 2022 to date. The session provides a breakdown of this year’s key market events, including analysis of funding trends in the private market, commentary on regulatory changes and indicators and discussion on recent and upcoming IPOs. We cover the ongoing restructuring of the China Education Market and India’s current EdTech growing pains along with mid-year stock performance reviews. The session will outline HolonIQ’s forward-looking perspectives as the sector re-adjusts to the ‘new education normal’ post COVID and the segments that are likely to deliver longer term growth prospects.

          Recorded on 17th August 2022.


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