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          Webinar: A lot to digest – Looking back at food’s year of reckoning

          Webinar: A lot to digest – Looking back at food’s year of reckoning

          Myriad challenges hamper our ability to move forward quickly towards a more sustainable food system. This year has brought many of these challenges to the fore, from our battle with the COVID-19 supply-chain overhang, Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine and a plethora of climate-related events such as droughts and floods, including in Europe. So much so that food security is now a pivotal topic at Sharm-el-Sheikh.

          However, we cannot leave our global food transition to policymakers alone. We know from history that public policy has a tendency to follow the money. As a sustainable investment community, therefore, we have the both the challenge and the responsibility to assist in the transition.

          In our view, the best support we can lend as an industry is in the creation of the critical infrastructure (as a first step) that helps us build greater resilience and security (while minimising waste) in the food system, and in the evolution (as a second step) to sustainable practices and decisions (which includes consumer education – which private enterprise is particularly good at) in how we produce and consume food.

          In this webinar, Rahul Bhushan (Co-Founder at Rize ETF), Stuart Forbes (Co-Founder at Rize ETF) and James Thomas (Sales Director at Rize ETF) ask and answer a series of questions that have been inspired from conversations we have been having with investors, media and public officials this year. They start broad with a view to build context and analyse the current landscape in food and then gradually shift our focus to the available practical realities and solutions (as well as enabling companies) that hold the promise of greater sustainability.

          Recorded on 29th November 2022.


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