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          Video: Friends of Rize – Can Climate Finance Accelerate our Food Transition?

          Friends of Rize: Can Climate Finance Accelerate our Food Transition?

          In this interview, Florian Berberich (Associate Director at Rize ETF) speaks to Rex Raimond, Director of Transformational Investing in Food Systems at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, where they explore the challenges and opportunities for public policy to drive a meaningful shift in how we produce and consume food. Transformational Investing in Food Systems initiative (TIFS) is an impact network that is building a movement for just and sustainable food systems. TIFS is connected with the Global Alliance for the Future of Food and partners with the Agroecology Fund and other values-aligned initiatives.


          Amongst the topics discussed by Florian and Rex are:

          • The emissions coming from our food systems are well documented – can you please take us through the most offending industries?
          • Whilst the emissions associated with our food systems are staggering, they climate funding dedicated to implement food systems measures is not – why is that?
          • When looking at the amount of public finance dedicated to our food systems – is this currently channeled in the most sustainable manner?
          • The state of private sector funding across the industry – where do you see the biggest need  for further funding to be made available?
          • With reference to recent Global Alliance Report – what is the sort of level of annual funding required to transform our food systems?
          • What could be some recommendations for investors and policymakers?
          • COP15 – The interconnections between biodiversity, climate change and our food systems


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