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          Webinar: Benefits of using our Environmental Impact ETF as a core allocation

          During this three-part webinar, we cover the following:

          Section 1: Unpack the supporting macro backdrop for publicly listed equities aligned with the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities (“EU Taxonomy”). We discuss how significant supranational, government and regulatory support for companies tied to the climate and environmental transition is likely to support those with the highest green revenue and most likely to be generate immediate environmental impact . Within this section, we assess how commitments such as the US Inflation Reduction Act, Europe’s RePower EU and the Green Deal Industrial Plan are likely to drive capital into these companies (via subsidies, tax breaks and supportive regulatory policies).

          Section 2: How the Rize Environmental Impact 100 UCITS ETF is constructed to benefit from the supporting macro backdrop for the world’s most impactful climate and environmental companies. We explain how the index/ETF is constructed to provide maximum exposure to the world’s most impactful companies with the highest level of green revenue.

          Section 3: Analysis of the quantitative impact of the index/ETF vs MSCI SRI/ESG indices and individual taxonomy goal ETFs. We compare the performance, risk profile, characteristics, and profitability of the index/ETF vs MSCI SRI/ESG indices and specific EU Taxonomy objective ETFs.


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