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          How Cybersecurity Firms Are Leveraging Generative AI

          Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

          Written by: Rahul Bhushan

          Published: 30 June 2023



          Key takeaways

          Generative AI has the power to transform the cybersecurity sector by addressing talent shortage, limited access and the urgency for better, smarter threat detection and response.

          CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, and SentinelOne are three companies that are already leveraging generative AI across their businesses.

          Collaboration between AI and human expertise will be crucial to safeguarding tomorrow’s organisations against emerging threats.

          In an era defined by evolving cyber threats, cybersecurity companies are leveraging Generative AI to fortify their defence strategies. Among the industry’s key players, CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks and SentinelOne have emerged as pioneers in harnessing the power of Generative AI. By embracing this technology, these companies aim to tackle pressing issues such as talent shortages, limited tool accessibility and the need for faster threat detection and response. They are redefining how organisations combat cybercrime in our rapidly evolving world. In this blog, we will delve into the groundbreaking initiatives of these companies and explore how Generative AI is revolutionising the cybersecurity landscape.



          In May 2023, CrowdStrike announced its foray into Generative AI with the introduction of Charlotte AI to its Falcon security platform. This move aims to address the talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry. CrowdStrike’s goal is to democratise cybersecurity by allowing all users, regardless of technical expertise, to ask simple questions about network vulnerabilities and receive real-time answers. The incorporation of AI into the platform is expected to help organisations overcome the shortage of qualified cybersecurity workers. Analysts believe that CrowdStrike’s approach, combining a graph database with machine learning algorithms, positions them well to lead in this space.1

          Palo Alto Networks

          In April 2023, Palo Alto Networks began leveraging Generative AI in its security operations centre platform by utilising threat detection logs. The company’s CEO, Nikesh Arora, sees the adoption of Generative AI as a transformational opportunity for Palo Alto and the enterprise software industry as a whole. He believes that many organisations will struggle to grasp this opportunity correctly. Palo Alto’s Chief Product Officer, Lee Klarich, highlights the advantage of having a large data lake in the security industry, stating that companies with extensive data and a data-led strategy are well-positioned to benefit from the operational leverage of Generative AI.2


          At the RSA Conference in April 2023, SentinelOne unveiled Generative AI features on its threat-hunting platform. The platform includes a large-language model (LLM) natural language interface and an embedded decision-making neural network. These AI tools enable threat researchers to ask complex questions about threats, receive detailed answers within seconds, identify attacks more easily and manage enterprise security through command execution.

          SentinelOne’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ric Smith, states that hackers have been leveraging AI to execute attacks faster and more efficiently and that the company aims to empower security teams with the same technology for swift response and prevention.

          SentinelOne’s platform aggregates and correlates data from various sources, providing actionable insights and recommendations in real-time. It utilises a combination of open-source and vendor-specific AI models, and while AI will continue to improve, human intervention remains crucial for training the model and enhancing its effectiveness.3

          Generative AI is transforming the cybersecurity landscape, empowering organisations to tackle talent shortages, democratise cybersecurity and enhance threat detection capabilities. CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks and SentinelOne are at the forefront of leveraging AI technologies to strengthen security defenses. By embracing Generative AI, these companies pave the way for a more resilient and secure digital future. As the cybersecurity industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between AI and human expertise will be vital in safeguarding organisations from emerging threats. Together, they will ensure that organisations can stay one step ahead in an increasingly complex threat landscape.



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