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          Webinar: Unlocking Opportunities in the Green Transition with the Rize Environmental Impact ETFs

          Environmental Impact

          Written by: Rize ETF

          Published: 25 January 2024


          In the wake of the significant performance dispersion among European Clean Energy ETFs in 2023, we provide a clear picture into why selecting the right ETF is crucial for capturing the essence of the Energy Transition. Our ETFs stand out with their access to the energy transition, characterised by broad diversification, low volatility, quality/growth exposure, and mid/small cap exposure outside of mainstream large cap “green” companies, including large cap “ESG” companies that tend to include Big Tech.

          Key discussion points in this webinar:

            • 2024 Megatrend Access: We dive into the megatrends shaping Wall Street’s focus, highlighting the crucial role of the energy transition in investment portfolios. We also address the minor “ESG backlash” ripples, underscoring their insignificance against the backdrop of this enduring, secular theme.
            • Strategic High-Conviction Approach: We explore the merits of a broad yet focused investment strategy in the Energy Transition. We emphasise the importance of not being limited to just cyclical industries, ensuring a well-rounded market coverage.
            • Valuation and Diversification Advantage: We explore how the Rize Environmental Impact ETFs combine attractive valuations with size diversification and quality growth exposure, revealing why they are a compelling choice for investors seeking strategic importance and diversified benefits in the current market.
            • Political Landscape in 2024: In this US election year, we discuss why political shifts are expected to minimally impact Energy Transition investments, and we share our highly optimistic outlook for this sector.
            • Strategic Integration: We explain how to effectively integrate our ETFs into your portfolios.

          Webinar recorded on 24th January 2024.

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