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          Why Deere Partnering with Starlink Matters for Food Sustainability

          Sustainable Future of Food

          Written by: Rahul Bhushan

          Published: 19 January 2024



          Key takeaways

          John Deere and Starlink's partnership brings high-speed internet to rural farms, enabling data-driven farming for less environmental impact and more efficiency.

          Precise data collection, real-time farm control, and potential revenue boost highlight the quantitative benefits of this collaboration for sustainable agriculture.

          Starlink's rapid signal transmission complements Deere's existing tech, solidifying their positions as pioneers in a more data-driven and sustainable agricultural future.

          The recent partnership between John Deere and SpaceX’s Starlink represents a strategic integration of cutting-edge satellite internet technology into agricultural practices. This alliance is more than an innovation in connectivity—it’s a transformational shift in digital agriculture, poised to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of farming operations.

          Enhancing Agricultural Connectivity

          John Deere’s collaboration with Starlink is centred around providing high-speed internet to farming equipment in remote areas. This integration is pivotal in Deere’s extensive investment in digital farming technologies. The potential of Starlink’s advanced satellite internet, supported by a fleet of nearly 5,300 satellites, is critical in extending digital capabilities to regions previously constrained by poor connectivity​​.1

          Quantitative Impacts on Sustainable Agriculture

            • Precision Agriculture: Enhanced connectivity facilitates precision agriculture, allowing for accurate data collection and analysis. This data-driven approach can optimise resource usage—significantly reducing water and fertiliser use, thereby minimising environmental impact.
            • Efficiency and Productivity: Improved internet access enables real-time monitoring and control of farm machinery. This can lead to a substantial increase in crop yields and a decrease in labour and resource wastage.
            • Economic Implications: With an ambition to derive 10% of its annual revenue from software service fees by the end of the decade, John Deere’s partnership with Starlink could become a major contributor to achieving this goal​​​​.2 3

          Scientific and Technological Synergies

          This partnership leverages Starlink’s low-orbit satellite technology, which is crucial for rapid signal transmission, a key factor in Deere’s decision. This scientific advancement in satellite communication technology is particularly suited for agriculture, where timely data transmission is essential for operational efficiency​​.4

          John Deere: A Pioneer in AgTech Innovation

          John Deere’s leadership in agricultural technology is well documented. The company has consistently integrated technological innovations into their equipment, leading to advancements in autonomous machinery and precision farming. For instance, their precision agricultural technology, enabled by the proprietary StarFire Network, corrects public GNSS signals for enhanced accuracy, crucial for agricultural applications. John Deere’s long-standing commitment to technological advancement and its understanding of the agricultural sector’s needs underline its pioneering status in AgTech​​.5


          The collaboration between Deere and Starlink marks a significant step in the scientific advancement of agricultural technology. This partnership promises to enhance connectivity and operational efficiency in farming, paving the way for more sustainable and productive agricultural practices. John Deere’s commitment to innovation and sustainability demonstrates why it continues to be a leader in the AgTech industry, driving the evolution of agriculture towards a more data-driven, efficient and environmentally conscious future.

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