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          Rize ETF Joins the Ark Invest Family


          On Tuesday 19th of September 2023, ARK Invest LLC (“ARK Invest” or “ARK”), America’s foremost investor in disruptive innovation led by CEO Cathie Wood, announced the acquisition of Rize ETF, Europe’s leading provider of thematic and sustainable investing.

          Cathie Wood (Founder, CIO, and CEO of ARK Invest):Today’s acquisition advances ARK Invest’s commitment to offer high-quality thematic investment solutions to a global investor audience, particularly European investors who have not been able to access our products. We believe that the European ETF market presents a strong growth opportunity as new and younger investors continue to gain access to ETFs via the growth of digital platforms, and as active ETFs increase market share by meeting the demand for innovative investment exposures. We are delighted to welcome the talented Rize ETF team into the ARK family. By merging its passion for thematic and sustainable index investing with ARK’s innovative actively managed approach centered on disruptive innovation, we can offer our clients a more diverse array of investment options to invest in the future. Together, we will continue to educate and empower investors, helping them to achieve their long-term financial goals.

          Stuart Forbes (Co-founder of Rize ETF):The acquisition offers ARK an entry into the European ETF market, capitalising on our expertise and track record in building multiple European ETF businesses. Leveraging ARK’s global network and our expertise in European distribution, we aim to strengthen our collective global presence. This initiative signifies not just business growth, but a collaborative exchange of global asset management best practices, insights and tactics.

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          The post-union roadmap is promising. We will retain the essence of the Rize ETF brand and products, but under a new platform, “ARK Invest Europe”. Importantly, existing Rize ETF index products, valued by investors for their focus on thematic and sustainable investing, will be distributed under the ‘ARK’ prefix. At the heart of both ARK and Rize ETF is a shared dedication to research. Rize ETF benefits as ARK’s distinguished research in disruptive innovation augments Rize ETF’s existing capability. This enhanced research prowess ensures that our newly formed platform can deliver an even more robust and future-ready investment experience for European investors.

          Moreover, our dedication to sustainable investing remains intact, anchored by a mutual understanding that the future is intrinsically sustainable. We view disruptive innovation as the driving force that will guide us towards this sustainable future. In this spirit, we will be introducing new active ETFs rooted in ARK’s five core innovation pillars—Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Energy Storage, Blockchain and Multi-Omics. This expansion not only amplifies our portfolio but also offers greater diversification to our clients.

          Together, we’re well-positioned to achieve our collective goals at an unprecedented pace, ensuring that our clients always have access to the latest and most effective investment strategies.


          Shared Vision and Broadened Offerings

          By merging our passion for thematic and sustainable index investing with ARK’s innovative actively managed approach centred on disruptive innovation, we offer our clients a more diverse array of investment options.

          Groundbreaking Active ETFs Expand to Europe

          ARK’s trailblazing active ETF from the US will now be available to European investors, complementing and enhancing Rize ETF’s pre-existing thematic and sustainable index ETF portfolio. Additionally, with ARK’s backing, Rize ETF’s global outreach and accessibility intensify, spotlighting our unmatched sustainable investing prowess.

          Research-Centric Approach

          Both of our firms are steadfast proponents of a transparent, research-driven investment methodology. We anticipate ARK’s research and insights to significantly enhance and augment our existing capability to the benefit of our European clients, while emphasising the critical need to position investment portfolios in alignment with innovation-centric investments to avoid missing out on tomorrow’s most compelling investment opportunities.

          Unwavering Commitment to Sustainability

          Investing in a sustainable future necessitates the embrace of groundbreaking ideas and technologies that can challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change. Disruptive innovation, by its very nature, introduces novel solutions to long-standing challenges, aligning seamlessly with the objectives of sustainable investing.


          Questions and Answers (Q&A)

          Who are Rize ETF?

          Rize ETF is Europe’s leading innovator and respected provider of thematic and sustainable investing. As of August 31, 2023, Rize ETF managed $452m in AUM across 11 UCITS ETFs classified as SFDR Article 8 or 9, authorised in Dublin and marketed throughout Europe. Founded in 2019 by ETF industry veterans, Stuart Forbes, Rahul Bhushan, Jason Kennard and Anthony Martin, Rize ETF has become known across Europe for its innovative approach to building high quality, research-led and purpose-built thematic and sustainable index ETFs. Prior to Rize ETF, the Founders were integral to the building out of the European UCITS ETF business for ETF Securities, which was acquired by Legal & General in 2018. Their collective expertise covers the full lifecycle of ETF issuance from product strategy and index development to legal and regulatory, tax, portfolio management and operations, capital markets, research and marketing and distribution.

          Who is ARK and what do they stand for?

          ARK Invest (“ARK”) is a renowned US-based investment firm, founded by CEO/CIO Cathie Wood, specialising in investments that drive disruptive innovation. At the core of their philosophy is the principle of “investing on the right side of change”, reflecting their unwavering commitment to pioneering and transformative strategies. Echoing Rize ETF’s own ethos, ARK places a high emphasis on a meticulous, research-driven approach. This dedication has earned them notable accolades, particularly for their active ETFs spotlighting five innovation platforms, including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain Technology, Energy Storage and Multi-Omics Sequencing. Additionally, ARK offers a multi-platform Innovation ETF, a testament to their expansive and diversified innovative focus.

          Why did ARK choose to acquire Rize ETF?

          ARK has discerned Rize ETF’s outstanding position as a leader in European thematic and sustainable investing. Accordingly, this acquisition is a strategic move designed to cater to European demand for ARK’s ETFs. At the heart of both ARK and Rize ETF lies a deep commitment to research. Rize ETF stands to benefit as ARK’s distinguished research in disruptive innovation augments and elevates Rize ETF’s existing capability to a level truly unique in the European ETF market which ensures that our enhanced platform can deliver an even more robust and future-ready investment research experience for European clients.


          What this means for current investors?

          The current name and brand of Rize ETF will be phased out, as the platform transitions into “ARK Invest Europe,” a division of ARK Invest Limited LLC and the hub for ARK’s expansion into Europe, United Kingdom and new markets globally. The strong cultural alignment between ARK Invest and Rize ETF was a key motivator for both Cathie and the Rize Founders in wanting to adjoin the two firms and seize upon the opportunities to grow bigger together. Accordingly, the essence of Rize ETF — our dedication to thematic and sustainable investing and our deep-rooted expertise in building pioneering Article 8 and 9 sustainable investment frameworks — will stay central to our new collective identity. On the ARK Invest Europe platform, existing Rize ETF index products will continue to be distributed with ‘ARK’ instead of ‘Rize’ as the prefix. We shall continue to leverage our unique sustainability programme to expand our Article 8 and 9 ETF range in Europe, noting that we launched two additional Article 9 sustainable thematic ETFs in late August. However, we will of course, from time to time, undertake regular assessments of our product range to ensure alignment with market demands and investor needs. Current investors in Rize ETFs do not need to take any action with regard to their existing positions.

          What is the strategic rationale behind ARK’s acquisition of Rize, a European Thematic Index ETF Specialist?

          This transaction marks a significant milestone in ARK’s global expansion strategy and allows the firm to bring its suite of innovation-based active equity ETFs to investors across Europe, United Kingdom, and new markets globally. The transaction allows ARK to establish a European UCITS suite of its ETF strategies along with the proven distribution excellence of Rize ETF. It also incorporates Rize ETF’s valuable and differentiated impact strategies to be distributed by ARK across a global footprint. We are planning to launch several of ARK actively-managed strategies in the European markets by the end of the year.

          What motivated the timing of this acquisition?

          The timing was driven by recognising our shared strengths and passion for innovation, the dynamic shifts in the investment landscape and Europe’s growing appetite for active ETFs. The resulting synergy underscored the perfect moment to cement our union.

          Can you explain the strategic fit and the expected synergies between ARK and Rize ETF?

          The acquisition of Rize ETF by ARK Invest is strategically aligned as both firms share a common focus on the future and thematic investing. The expected synergies primarily revolve around combining ARK’s focus on disruptive innovation and expertise in active management of ETFs with Rize ETF’s experience in providing investment solutions that align with global megatrends. Together, we aim to create innovative investment products that cater to a broader range of investors.

          What will be the new brand and will the Rize ETF name continue to exist?

          The current name and brand of Rize ETF will be phased out, as the platform transitions into “ARK Invest Europe,” a division of ARK Invest Limited LLC and the hub for ARK’s expansion into Europe, UK and new markets globally. Under the new ARK Invest Europe platform, it is intended that existing Rize ETF index products will take on the ‘ARK’ prefix instead of ‘Rize’ and feature ‘Index’ in their name to reflect their self-index-based nature. This transition advances our shared commitment to offer high quality thematic and sustainable thematic investment solutions to our global investor audience across both the self-index and actively-managed formats. ARK Invest Europe will uphold the high standards of investment research, portfolio management and client service for which ARK is known, all while tapping into Rize ETF’s deep thematic and sustainable expertise and strong client relationships in the European ETF market.

          What will be the new corporate structure?

          While ARK Invest Europe will be a division of ARK Invest Limited LLC, a separate legal entity under common control with ARK Invest’s US registered investment adviser, ARK will work to integrate Rize ETF and its employees fully into ARK’s existing corporate structure. The Rize ETF team will be focused primarily on growing the ARK Invest Europe operations.

          Will there be any changes to the management team of Rize ETF; is the existing leadership expected to remain in place?

          The leadership of Rize ETF are committed to becoming key members of the ARK team and all ARK members are excited to welcome them. The Rize ETF founders, which have been instrumental in Rize ETF’s growth and success, will become integral members of ARK Invest Europe in order to maintain consistency and reliability for all existing and future investors.

          Are there any immediate plans to integrate Rize ETFs into ARK’s existing product suite?

          The current suite of Rize ETFs, valued by investors for their focus on thematic and sustainable domains, distributed but under the ‘ARK’ prefix instead of ‘Rize’ and feature ‘Index’ in their name to reflect their self-index-based nature. In addition, collectively we are exploring potential synergies between and among ARK’s existing ETF suite in the U.S. and Rize ETFs’ current product suite. Together, we intend to bolster research and deliver enhanced insights and value creation to our clients.

          Does Rize ETF focus on similar areas of disruptive innovation that ARK focuses in?

          Rize ETF has created a range of ETFs focused on investing in the world’s most compelling megatrends, both thematic and sustainable, with a view to provide investors with the choice and flexibility they need to benefit from the structural changes unfolding around them. Both Rize ETF and ARK are steadfast proponents of a transparent, research-driven investment methodology. This union melds Rize ETF’s prowess in thematic and sustainable investing with ARK’s deep-rooted research and actively managed portfolios focused on disruptive innovation. We anticipate ARK’s research and insights to significantly benefit Rize ETF’s European clients, while emphasizing the need to position investment portfolios on the right side of technological change.

          Are there any plans to launch joint ETFs developed by both ARK and Rize ETF?

          Yes, this is a consolidation of two highly innovative teams, and one of the key strategic benefits of that union is to leverage the unique skills and capabilities of ARK and Rize to expand out the international product range.

          What happens to Rize ETF’s commitment to non-active ETFs?

          While Rize ETF has an established reputation in index replicating ETF strategies, ARK is celebrated for its active ETF prowess. Both approaches have distinct advantages, catering to diverse investor needs. As we embrace the expertise of ARK in active ETFs, our commitment to Rize ETF’s existing index suite will remain steadfast. This union synergises the strengths of both index and active ETFs.

          How does this partnership further the sustainability agenda of Rize ETF?

          At Rize ETF, sustainable investing is not just a part of our strategy—it sits at its core. We and ARK both firmly believe that innovation is key to a sustainable transition. Our union amplifies this belief, marrying our foundational focus on sustainability with the collective conviction that disruptive innovation is instrumental in ushering in a sustainable future. With our combined strengths, we’re poised to spotlight the forefront of transformative environmental and social innovation, ensuring our portfolios capture the very essence of sustainable progress.

          With a focus on both sustainability and disruption, how do you envision the future investment landscape?

          Our joint vision is one of convergence. We believe that the future of investing lies at the intersection of sustainability and disruption. Let’s look at some examples. In energy, the transition is powered by renewable energy sources and storage. Transport is undergoing a revolution with electric vehicles and ride-hailing. Meanwhile, the food sector is witnessing innovations through precision agriculture and cellular agriculture. Note that all three of these are “clean” disruptions, as evidenced by the examples. With our combined expertise, we’re not only navigating the future of investing but actively steering towards a horizon where progress and prosperity align seamlessly with the principles of sustainability.


          What does this mean for the financial position of Rize ETF?

          With the backing of ARK’s global strength and resources, we are now better positioned than ever to pursue our ambitions but under our new platform, ARK Invest Europe. This not only solidifies our presence in Europe but also primes us for global expansion. It means that we can access deeper research, roll out more innovative products and enhance our market presence without constraint. In essence, this union allows us to seize every opportunity and fast-track our growth plans, ensuring we can realise our full potential both in Europe and globally.


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