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            FUND SUMMARY

            The Rize Global Sustainable Infrastructure UCITS ETF (NFRA) seeks to invest in the foremost companies that potentially stand to benefit from the worldwide effort to support infrastructure development in a way that balances economic, environmental and social objectives. These are companies involved in maintaining and upgrading the existing infrastructure of more industrialised economies, as well as companies developing new infrastructure required for the economic advancement of less industrialised economies. This includes companies involved in the development of the environmental and social infrastructure needed for our transition to a greener, fairer economy. The investment categories include (i) Transportation Infrastructure, (ii) Environmental Infrastructure, (iii) Data and Telecom Infrastructure; and (iv) Social Infrastructure. NFRA seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Foxberry SMS Global Sustainable Infrastructure Index.


            • AUM ($USD): 8,317,889
            • TER: 0.45%
            • ISIN: IE000QUCVEN9
            • Base Code: NFRA
            • SFDR Classification: Article 9
            • MSCI ESG Rating: Pending


            The global push for infrastructure development presents a critical opportunity for sustainable economic growth. Infrastructure serves as a foundational element in prosperous communities, aiming to positively impact the lives of those it serves. By providing access to essential services like water, electricity, transport and healthcare, it enhances quality of life, fosters better opportunities, and promotes inclusive economic growth. However, while these outcomes are positive, they sometimes occur indirectly rather than being the primary focus. Therefore, the most impactful infrastructure goes beyond delivering essential services; it also contributes to economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social equality. As world leaders address climate change and rising inequality, investing in sustainable infrastructure becomes increasingly important. Our unique investment strategy and ETF – Europe’s first Global Sustainable Infrastructure ETF – provides investors with exposure to companies that are supporting global infrastructure development in a way that balances economic, environmental and social objectives. These companies operate across the full spectrum of global infrastructure, excluding fossil fuel infrastructure, and have been assessed for their relative contribution to the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Investing in sustainable infrastructure presents an opportunity to support both development and sustainability, contributing to a resilient and prosperous future.

            WHY NFRA?

            • Favourable Growth Prospects

              NFRA is Europe’s first global sustainable infrastructure ETF, and provides investors with exposure to companies that are supporting global infrastructure development in a way that balances economic, environmental and social objectives.

            • Powered by Sustainable Market Strategies®

              NFRA is purpose-built in collaboration with Sustainable Market Strategies, an independent ESG intelligence firm based in Montreal, Canada, and leverages their unique insights and proprietary classification system of companies that are contributing to environmental and social objectives of the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the geographical regions they serve.

            • Unconstrained Approach

              NFRA’s composition transcends classic sector, size and geographic classifications by tracking a global theme.

            • ETF Efficiency

              In a single trade, NFRA delivers access to dozens of companies that are favourably positioned to ride the tailwinds of the global sustainable infrastructure theme.

            Thematic Classification

            NFRA invests in companies within the 4 categories and 12 sub-sectors of our Sustainable Infrastructure thematic classification built in partnership with sustainability experts Sustainable Market Strategies. The classification is an enabling taxonomy designed for the investment and research communities with the aim of identifying companies that are supporting global sustainable infrastructure development in a way that balances economic, environmental and social objectives.

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            Passenger Transportation



            Toll Roads

            Freight Rail Transportation

            Renewable Energy Utilities and Transmission

            Water Utilities

            Waste Management

            Data Centers

            Telecom Infrastructure

            Health Care

            Elderly Homes

            Top 10 Holdings

            VODAFONE GROUP ORD USD0.2095238GB00BH4HKS391.94GBP
            TELEFONICA S A ORDES0178430E181.89EUR
            KDDI CORPORATION NPVJP34964000071.86JPY
            EDP RENOVAVEIS SA EUR5ES01277970191.77EUR
            ACCIONA SAES01252203111.76EUR
            SWISSCOM AG CHF1(REGD)CH00087425191.75CHF

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            Fund Details

            Net AssetsUSD 8,317,889
            NAV per share4.7288
            Shares Outstanding1,758,972
            Total Expense Ratio0.45
            Base CodeNFRA
            Base CurrencyUSD
            Index NameFoxberry SMS Global Sustainable Infrastructure Index / FXBYNFRA
            Thematic ClassificationSMS Sustainable Infrastructure Thematic Classification
            Index Replication MethodPhysical – full replication
            Income TreatmentDistributing
            No. of holdings79
            IssuerRize UCITS ICAV
            PromoterRize ETF Limited
            ManagerIQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
            Investment ManagerIQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
            Depositary / CustodianNorthern Trust Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited
            ISA Eligible (UK)Yes
            SIPP Eligible (UK)Yes
            Reporting Fund Status (UK)Yes
            Equity Fund (DE)Yes
            SFDR ClassificationArticle 9



            • Austria
            • Denmark
            • Finland
            • Germany
            • Ireland
            • Italy
            • Luxembourg
            • Netherlands
            • Norway
            • Spain
            • Sweden
            • United Kingdom


            ExchangeCurrencyListing DateSEDOLBloomberg TickerRIC
            Deutsche Börse XetraEUR25-Aug-23BLD19V0RIZD GYRIZD.DE
            London Stock ExchangeUSD29-Aug-23BLD1932NFRA LNNFRA.L
            London Stock ExchangeGBP29-Aug-23BLD19Z4BRIK LNBRIK.L
            SIX Swiss ExchangeCHFPendingBLD19T8NFRA SENFRA.S


            Research & Insights

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            The Fund may be subject to renewable energy sector risks including, fluctuating energy prices which impact revenues, weather fluctuations that impact electricity generation, the risk that existing supportive regulatory frameworks become less supportive and the cost of producing renewable energy (which pose a risk to the long term economic viability of renewable energy ventures).

            The Fund may be subject to the risks associated with companies developing technologies associated with renewable energy, energy efficiency, electrification of vehicles and transport, water treatment and purification and waste management, recycling and pollution control, including the risk arising from rapidly changing technologies and obsolescence of existing products; fierce competition from competitors with lower costs; aggressive pricing and reduced profit margins; the loss of patent, copyright and trademark protections; cyclical market patterns; evolving industry standards, evolving regulatory frameworks; and frequent new product introductions.

            The Fund may also be subject to emerging market risks including: (i) political and economic risks; (ii) counterparty risk and liquidity risks; (iii) legal risks; (iv) reporting and valuation risks; (v) exchange control and repatriation risks; (vi) settlement risks; and (vii) custody risks.

            Some companies may be smaller and less experienced companies, with limited product lines, markets or financial resources and fewer experienced management or marketing personnel. They may experience extreme price and volume fluctuations that are often unrelated to their operating performance.

            The Index is typically comprised of a mix of micro, small, mid and large capitalisation companies. Micro and small capitalisation companies may be more vulnerable to adverse business or economic events than larger, more established companies and may underperform other segments of the market or the equity market as a whole. Securities of micro and small capitalisation companies generally trade in lower volumes, are less liquid and are often more vulnerable to market volatility and greater and more unpredictable price changes than larger capitalisation stocks or the stock market as a whole.

            Other: (1) Third party service providers (such as the ICAV’s depositary) may go bankrupt and fail to pay money due to the Fund or return property belonging to the Fund. (2) If the Index provider stops calculating the Index or if the Fund’s license to replicate the Index is terminated, the Fund may have to be closed. (3) It may not always be possible to buy and sell the Fund’s Shares on a stock exchange or at prices closely reflecting the Net Asset Value. (4) There is no capital guarantee or protection on the value of the Fund and investors can lose all the capital invested in the Fund. (5) Please refer to the “Risk Factors” section of the ICAV’s Prospectus and the Fund Supplement.

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