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          FUND SUMMARY

          The Rize Pet Care UCITS ETF (PETZ) seeks to invest in companies that potentially stand to benefit from the rise in ownership and humanisation of pets, the adoption of fresh and wholesome foods and diets for pets, growing demand for pet healthcare and veterinary products and services and the valuable contribution pets make to our overall mental health and well-being. PETZ seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Foxberry Pet Care Index.


          • AUM ($USD): 2,209,959
          • TER: 0.45%
          • ISIN: IE000QRNAC66
          • Base Code: PETZ
          • SFDR Classification: Article 8
          • MSCI ESG Rating: AAA


          There are many reasons why humans love their pets. The need for comfort and security, the pursuit of companionship and loyalty and the desire to provide care are some of the most common. Over the last 20 years, pets have gone from sleeping in our backyards to sleeping in our beds. They have become treasured members of our families and we have transitioned from pet owners to pet parents. In his book, “The Animals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Human”, anthrozoologist John Bradshaw argues that pet-keeping is an intrinsic part of human nature. That pets are humanised more and more is a natural expression of our tendency to treat pets like our own children the more we observe their receptiveness to things we enjoy ourselves. This humanisation of pets has also shaped a new, more nurturing type of pet ownership. We have seen the rise of premiumisation in pet products and services, the introduction of sustainability in protein sourcing and flavourings and the emergence of a digitally-native pet parent that favours online subscriptions. We have also seen growth in people’s desires to have pet relationships. With the decline of the nuclear family, many single-person households, unmarried and childless families are now adopting pets. The growth of our aging population and empty nesters has also led to greater adoption of furry companions. This backdrop presents an optimistic outlook for the pet care sector. Our first-of-its-kind investment strategy and ETF – Europe’s first pet care ETF – provides investors with exposure to companies that are benefitting from the rise of the global pet economy. These are companies that are enabling our pets to lead happy and healthy lives.

          WHY PETZ?

          • Favourable Growth Prospects

            PETZ is Europe’s first pet care ETF, and provides investors with exposure to companies that stand to benefit from the rise in ownership and humanisation of pets.

          • Powered by Euromonitor®

            PETZ is purpose-built in collaboration with Euromonitor, a strategy research firm based in London, United Kingdom, and leverages their unique insights and proprietary classification system of companies that are meaningfully exposed to pet care products and services.

          • Unconstrained Approach

            PETZ’s composition transcends classic sector, size and geographic classifications by tracking an emerging theme.

          • ETF Efficiency

            In a single trade, PETZ delivers access to dozens of companies that are favourably positioned to ride the tailwinds of the pet care theme.

          Thematic Classification

          PETZ invests in companies within the 4 sub-sectors of the Pet Care thematic classification built in partnership with strategy research group Euromonitor. The classification is an enabling taxonomy designed for the investment and research communities with the aim of identifying the key pet industry categories and related companies and business activities that stand to benefit from the rise in ownership and humanisation of pets, the adoption of fresh and wholesome foods and diets for pets, growing demand for pet healthcare and veterinary products and services and the valuable contribution pets make to our overall mental health and well-being.

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          Pet Food and Consumer Products

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          Top 10 Holdings

          Name ISIN Weight CCY
          IDEXX LABS INC COM US45168D1046 10.26 USD
          TRUPANION INC COM US8982021060 9.91 USD
          FRESHPET INC COM US3580391056 8.53 USD
          CHEWY INC US16679L1098 7.82 USD
          ZOETIS INC COM USD0.01 CL ‘A’ US98978V1035 7.79 USD
          ELANCO ANIMAL HEALTH INC COM US28414H1032 6.52 USD
          NEOGEN CORP COM US6404911066 6.12 USD
          SYMRISE AG NPV (BR) DE000SYM9999 5.09 EUR
          PATTERSON COS INC COM US7033951036 5.05 USD

          Full Fund Holdings


          Fund Details

          Net Assets USD 2,209,959
          NAV per share 3.8434
          Shares Outstanding 575,000
          Total Expense Ratio 0.45
          Inception 30/03/2022
          ISIN IE000QRNAC66
          Base Code PETZ
          Base Currency USD
          Index Name Foxberry Pet Care Index / FXBYPETZ
          Thematic Classification Euromonitor’s Classification for Pet Care
          Index Replication Method Physical – full replication
          Income Treatment Accumulating
          No. of holdings 22
          UCITS Yes
          Domicile Ireland
          Issuer Rize UCITS ICAV
          Promoter Rize ETF Limited
          Manager IQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
          Investment Manager IQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
          Depositary / Custodian Northern Trust Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited
          ISA Eligible (UK) Yes
          SIPP Eligible (UK) Yes
          Reporting Fund Status (UK) Yes
          Equity Fund (DE) Yes
          SFDR Classification Article 8



          • Austria
          • Denmark
          • Finland
          • Germany
          • Ireland
          • Italy
          • Luxembourg
          • Netherlands
          • Norway
          • Spain
          • Sweden
          • Switzerland
          • United Kingdom


          Exchange Currency Listing Date SEDOL Bloomberg Ticker RIC
          Borsa Italiana EUR 26-Apr-22 BMX8CR5 PETZ IM PETZ.MI
          Deutsche Börse Xetra EUR 05-Apr-22 BMX8CS6 KATZ GY KATZ.DE
          London Stock Exchange USD 05-Apr-22 BMX8907 PETZ LN PETZ.L
          London Stock Exchange GBP 05-Apr-22 BMX8918 PAWZ LN PAWZ.L
          SIX Swiss Exchange CHF 13-Jun-22 BMX8929 PETZ SE PETZ.S


          Fund Documents

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          The Fund may be subject to the risks associated with the pet care industry including (1) changes in the levels of consumer spending on pets and pet products whether as a result of recession or other economic factors, (2) fierce domestic and international competition, (3) the risk of obsolescence of existing products and services, (4) the loss of patent, copyright and trademark protections and (5) evolving industry standards or regulatory requirements. The foregoing may lead to reduced revenues and/or profit margins for individual companies and/or companies operating in particular segments of the pet care industry.

          Some companies may be smaller and less experienced companies, with limited product lines, markets or financial resources and fewer experienced management or marketing personnel. They may experience extreme price and volume fluctuations that are often unrelated to their operating performance.

          The Index is typically comprised of a mix of small, mid and large capitalisation companies. Small capitalisation companies may be more vulnerable to adverse business or economic events than larger, more established companies and may underperform other segments of the market or the equity market as a whole. Securities of small capitalisation companies generally trade in lower volumes, are less liquid (i.e. less readily trade-able) and are often more vulnerable to market volatility (i.e. greater and more unpredictable price changes) than larger capitalisation stocks or the stock market as a whole.

          Other: (1) Third party service providers (such as the ICAV’s depositary) may go bankrupt and fail to pay money due to the Fund or return property belonging to the Fund. (2) If the Index provider stops calculating the Index or if the Fund’s license to replicate the Index is terminated, the Fund may have to be closed. (3) It may not always be possible to buy and sell the Fund’s Shares on a stock exchange or at prices closely reflecting the Net Asset Value. (4) There is no capital guarantee or protection on the value of the Fund and investors can lose all the capital invested in the Fund. (5) Please refer to the “Risk Factors” section of the ICAV’s Prospectus and the Fund Supplement.

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