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            FUND SUMMARY

            The Rize USA Environmental Impact UCITS ETF (LUSA) seeks to invest in the most innovative and impactful US companies that potentially stand to benefit from developing and applying solutions that address the world’s most pressing climatic and environmental challenges. This includes leaders and innovators across clean water, EVs, renewables and hydrogen, energy efficiency, waste and the circular economy and nature-based solutions. LUSA has been designed to address the six environmental objectives set out in the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities: (1) Climate Change Mitigation; (2) Climate Change Adaptation; (3) The Sustainable Use and Protection of Water and Marine Resources; (4) The Transition to A Circular Economy; (5) Pollution Prevention and Control; and (6) The Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystems. LUSA seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Foxberry SMS USA Environmental Impact Index.


            • AUM ($USD): 104,668,531
            • TER: 0.45%
            • ISIN: IE000PY7F8J9
            • Base Code: LUSA
            • SFDR Classification: Article 9
            • MSCI ESG Rating: A


            Our planet faces unprecedented threats, with rising temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, retreating sea ice cover, acidifying oceans, degrading soils, drying aquifers and increasing occurrences of droughts and floods. Simultaneously, the exploitation and degradation of Earth’s remaining natural resources, habitats and biodiversity continue unabated. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, in “The Vocation of Man”, highlighted the butterfly effect, emphasising how small changes can have far-reaching implications in complex systems. Our planet, as a complex system, now experiences fundamental alterations due to our persistent assault on its health and vitality. The evidence is undeniable: microplastics in Antarctic ice, the collapse of Canada’s last intact ice shelf and severe wildfires in California. Our balance with nature has been lost, necessitating the restoration of a thriving future for both people and nature. By making nature our ally, we can restore the rich and biodiverse world we inherited. Our first-of-its-kind investment strategy and ETF – Europe’s first US environmental impact ETF – provides investors with exposure to the most innovative and impactful US companies that are tackling the world’s most pressing climatic and environmental challenges. Companies across clean water, EVs, renewables and hydrogen, energy efficiency, waste and the circular economy and nature-based solutions that hold the promise of a greener future.

            WHY LUSA?

            • Favourable Growth Prospects

              LUSA is Europe’s first US environmental impact ETF, and provides investors with exposure to US companies that are developing innovative and impactful solutions in clean water, EVs, renewables and hydrogen, energy efficiency, waste and the circular economy and nature-based solutions.

            • Powered by Sustainable Market Strategies®

              LUSA is purpose-built in collaboration with Sustainable Market Strategies, an independent ESG intelligence firm based in Montreal, Canada, and leverages their unique insights and proprietary classification system of US companies that are aligned with the environmental objectives set out in the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities.

            • Unconstrained Approach

              LUSA’s composition transcends classic sector and size classifications by tracking a US theme.

            • ETF Efficiency

              In a single trade, LUSA delivers access to US companies that are favourably positioned to ride the tailwinds of the environmental impact opportunities theme.

            Thematic Classification

            LUSA invests in US companies within the 10 sub-sectors of the Environmental Impact Opportunities thematic classification which have been extrapolated out of the 6 environmental objectives of the EU Taxonomy. The classification was built in partnership with sustainability experts Sustainable Market Strategies and is an enabling taxonomy designed for the investment and research communities with the aim of identifying the earth’s major environmental challenges and the most impactful companies and business activities that offer solutions to them.

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            Renewable Energy Generation

            Renewable Energy Equipment

            Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels

            Energy Efficiency Solutions

            Electric Vehicles and Green Transport

            Climate Resilience Solutions

            Clean Water

            Circular Economy Solutions

            Pollution Control

            Nature-Based Solutions

            Top 10 Holdings

            ITRON INC COMUS46574110661.84USD
            AAON INC COM PAR $0.004US00036020691.72USD
            ACUITY BRANDS INC COMUS00508Y10291.72USD
            ALTUS POWERUS02217A10251.64USD
            ANSYS INC COMUS03662Q10581.63USD
            XYLEM INC COMUS98419M10091.62USD
            COMMERCIAL METALS COUS20172310341.6USD
            VERALTO CORPUS92338C10361.59USD

            Full Fund Holdings


            Fund Details

            Net AssetsUSD 104,668,531
            NAV per shareUSD 4.7881
            Shares Outstanding21,860,361
            Total Expense Ratio0.45
            Base CodeLUSA
            Base CurrencyUSD
            Index NameFoxberry SMS USA Environmental Impact Index / FXBYLUSA
            Thematic ClassificationSMS Environmental Impact Opportunities Thematic Classification
            Index Replication MethodPhysical – full replication
            Income TreatmentAccumulating
            No. of holdings82
            IssuerARK Invest UCITS ICAV
            PromoterARK Invest International Ltd
            ManagerIQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
            Investment ManagerIQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
            Depositary / CustodianNorthern Trust Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited
            ISA Eligible (UK)Yes
            SIPP Eligible (UK)Yes
            Reporting Fund Status (UK)Yes
            Equity Fund (DE)Yes
            SFDR ClassificationArticle 9



            • Austria
            • Denmark
            • Finland
            • Germany
            • Ireland
            • Italy
            • Luxembourg
            • Netherlands
            • Norway
            • Spain
            • Sweden
            • United Kingdom


            ExchangeCurrencyListing DateSEDOLBloomberg TickerRIC
            Deutsche Börse XetraEUR25-Aug-23BLD19S7RIZJ GYRIZJ.DE
            London Stock ExchangeUSD29-Aug-23BLD1921LUSA LNRILUSA.L
            London Stock ExchangeGBP29-Aug-23BLD19Y3UVNG LNUVNG.L
            SIX Swiss ExchangeCHFPendingBLD19T8LUSA SELUSA.S


            Research & Insights

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            The Fund may be subject to the risks associated with companies operating in the renewable energy sectors including, but not limited to, fluctuating energy prices which impact upon company revenues, weather fluctuations that impact the ability to generate electricity, the risk that existing regulatory frameworks (the benefits of which might include commitments to pay premium prices, priority access to electricity grids, support for the necessary infrastructure investments and guarantees of purchases of renewable energy output) become less supportive and the cost of producing renewable energy which can be high relative to conventional energy sources / technologies (which pose a risk to the long term economic viability of renewable energy ventures).

            The Fund may also be subject to the risks associated with companies developing new renewable energy technologies and other technologies associated with energy efficiency, electrification of vehicles and other modes of transport, water treatment and purification, waste management and recycling and pollution control, including the risk arising from rapidly changing technologies and obsolescence of existing products; fierce competition from competitors with lower costs; aggressive pricing and reduced profit margins; the loss of patent, copyright and trademark protections; cyclical market patterns; evolving industry standards, evolving regulatory frameworks; and frequent new product introductions.

            Some companies may be smaller and less experienced companies, with limited product lines, markets or financial resources and fewer experienced management or marketing personnel. They may experience extreme price and volume fluctuations that are often unrelated to their operating performance.

            The Index is typically comprised of a mix of micro, small, mid and large capitalisation companies. Micro and small capitalisation companies may be more vulnerable to adverse business or economic events than larger, more established companies and may underperform other segments of the market or the equity market as a whole. Securities of micro and small capitalisation companies generally trade in lower volumes, are less liquid and are often more vulnerable to market volatility and greater and more unpredictable price changes than larger capitalisation stocks or the stock market as a whole.

            Other: (1) Third party service providers (such as the ICAV’s depositary) may go bankrupt and fail to pay money due to the Fund or return property belonging to the Fund. (2) If the Index provider stops calculating the Index or if the Fund’s license to replicate the Index is terminated, the Fund may have to be closed. (3) It may not always be possible to buy and sell the Fund’s Shares on a stock exchange or at prices closely reflecting the Net Asset Value. (4) There is no capital guarantee or protection on the value of the Fund and investors can lose all the capital invested in the Fund. (5) Please refer to the “Risk Factors” section of the ICAV’s Prospectus and the Fund Supplement.

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