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          Global Sustainable Infrastructure Sustainability, green future, double materiality

          Double Materiality: A Comprehensive Approach to Assessing Sustainability

          In our inaugural webinar for the Rize Global Sustainable Infrastructure UCITS ETF (NFRA), we introduced the concept of ‘Double Materiality’. In...

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          Sustainable Future of Food Agriculture, Irrigation method, water usage

          From Scarcity to Abundance: The Quest for Sustainable Water in Agriculture

          Agriculture is a major consumer of global water resources, responsible for over 70% of water usage in many regions.1 This significant water footpr...

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          Thematic Investing Dubai Renewable Energy Equipment

          COP28: Pivotal Climate Commitments

          Delegates from across the globe concluded the COP28 global climate conference in Dubai on December 12th, 2023. The agreement, reached with swift co...

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          Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

          Five New Reasons to Consider the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

          Many investors are familiar with the investment case for cybersecurity. In the digital era, the rapidly growing number of interconnected devices is...

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          Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

          Webinar: Economic Cycles, AI, and Investment Strategies within the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy theme

          In this webinar, we share our conviction on why a cybersecurity allocation makes sense at this stage of the economic cycle. We also explore how ou...

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          Thematic Investing Winter, forest

          Thematic Commentary – 30 November

          In today’s rapidly evolving market, investors need to stay on top of the latest trends and themes that fuel growth. In this monthly publication, ...

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          Circular Economy Enablers Sodium batter ev

          A Leap in Energy Storage? Northvolt’s Sodium-ion Battery Breakthrough

          The recent breakthrough by Northvolt, a Swedish industrial start-up, in developing a sodium-ion battery cell has opened a new chapter in the realm ...

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          Thematic Investing

          Podcast: Macro Sunday – Are central banks asleep at the wheel?

          In this episode, Andreas Steno and Emil Møller are joined by the renowned Tech investor Cathie Woods of ARK Invest to discuss the rally in durat...

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          8 min. read
          Global Sustainable Infrastructure environmental infrastructure, green city

          Why Investors Need to Rethink Their Infrastructure Allocation

          In the dynamic landscape of global infrastructure investing, the traditional perceptions and approaches no longer hold true. The changing face of i...

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